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Fairy Island - Review

[Post New]by pfalcioni on Jan 12, 09 12:20 PM
In my opinion, this one has very pretty and rich graphics. Soundtrack is a bit repetitive, but soothing music doesn't really intrude in a bad way.

Normal 'click 3 or more' mechanic, unfortunately the game designers have created hotspots on each brick that are smaller than the actual brick - so you have to click near the center of the brick to actually 'select' it.

Creates a ton of missed clicks and takes away from the enjoyment of this cute game.

Another quickly produced game that looks nice but lacks good basic gameplay physics.

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Re:Fairy Island - Review

[Post New]by goldenpixie1 on Jan 16, 09 8:16 AM
I've been enjoying this one. It's rather relaxing. It's a normal match 3 game and I especially like the locks version (there are 4 different types of games you can play within this: classic/normal, locks, slide(I think it's called that) and puzzle).

The catch the acorns bonus game is fairly easy - just sit your cursor near the top portion of the screen and wait for the acorns to be "launched" and click them when they're near you. Easier than following them around the screen.

As mentioned in the above post, you'll want to click things fairly in the middle of the object in order for your click to take, but I've noticed that with a lot of games including the HO ones, so I guess it's something I kinda ignore now.

Can't comment on the music as I turn all music off anyway - I like to listen to the actual sounds of the game.

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Re:Fairy Island - Review

[Post New]by Janferie on Oct 11, 09 3:09 AM
The only problem I have with this game is the hidden object levels because those acorns are *really* hidden. I have to use far too many clues which means it takes *ages*! Otherwise I really like the game.

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