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Suggestion to BF regarding Strategy Guide

[Post New]by cmh47 on Nov 10, 11 8:10 AM
I have noted that many gamers like me would like to know how many chapters are in a game before buying.

I would like to suggest that when a game only gives you the first chapter in the trial version BF just puts up a posting giving us the exact number of chapters relevant to the game. If they do this it would make many gamers happy and perhaps lead to more buyers of the game.

I have in the past purchase a game only to be very disappointed that the game has been very short even for a CE game.

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Re:Suggestion to BF regarding Strategy Guide

[Post New]by candybrand on Nov 10, 11 8:25 AM
i'm with you cmh47 i would like to know too before buying a game


Re:Suggestion to BF regarding Strategy Guide

[Post New]by charlottecordet on Nov 10, 11 8:50 AM
I also agree! I feel that I am being asked to buy a pig in a poke. Some surprises I don't like.

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Re:Suggestion to BF regarding Strategy Guide

[Post New]by elldee2728 on Nov 10, 11 9:05 AM
You know, folks, that there's a thread called "Reviews" and another one for "Comments." I do believe you'll find answers to your concerns in one of those two places.

There was a time, not too long ago, when there weren't any CEs, and there weren't any Strategy Guides to tell gamers like yourselves exactly how many pages or how long that game would last.

Large-File-Adventure games usually don't come with a demo or an integrated Strategy Guide, yet people buy those all the time.

I personally think it's a "perk" to have even one SG chapter with a demo; yep, some developers include the whole shebang, but that doesn't necessarily influence my "Buy It" decision.

Regards, elldee

(ETA--Just a comparison here--There's a post from a fairly-novice gamer who "estimated" that the game would last 2-3 hours, based on time with the demo. Yet, there's a post from someone, whom I consider very experienced, who noted four hours of gameplay, and not near the end. So, go figure.)

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Re:Suggestion to BF regarding Strategy Guide

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Nov 10, 11 10:56 AM
Hello everyone,

As elldee2728 has mentioned, there looks to be an ongoing Comments thread in this Game Forum that is the perfect place to discuss your suggestions of including a Strategy Guide in the Trial Version. You can find the thread here.

In order to reserve new threads in the Game Forum for specific game questions and game tips, I'll be locking this thread, but please feel free to continue your discussion in the Comments thread.

If you'd like to start a generic thread (not related to this specific game) for this discussion, feel free to do so in the Chit-Chat Corner. Thank you!


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