What a great RPG!!

[Post New]by Huntleyhimnher on Nov 11, 11 4:10 AM
Just finished it tonight, really enjoyed the storyline and the game, but found it a bit hard with not being able to buy full energy replenishing items, thought that was very different as normally once you get quite into the game you can buy them to stock for the harder enemies.

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Re:What a great RPG!!

[Post New]by SeverineSnape on Nov 11, 11 1:29 PM
This is still my favourite game of all time, so I'm glad you like it!

Throughour the game you can find a number of tincturas, which replenish your full HP and MP, so I usually save those for the final battle. I'm also pretty sure you can buy elixirs in Verashema, and they replenish full HP. I never go into final battle without them. You can also buy auquifolium extora in several places, one I remember is Happily Ever After. They replenish full MP. So there are definitely replenishing items available!

Oh and I also always make sure I have tons of cassia leaves and marsh tea!

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Re:What a great RPG!!

[Post New]by Huntleyhimnher on Nov 12, 11 12:56 AM
I found the ones for the mp, but didn't find elixirs to buy, I must have missed those.

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