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Stuck in London

[Post New]by Cheetarah on Nov 11, 11 10:08 PM

I couldn't find a thread with the information I need. Could someone help me get through London please? I'm looking for the street that goes north and has a house at the end of it with an open door. I have tried EVERY door in London. NONE of them open. I have all 12 bright candles. (Actually have used 2 of them to light up street lights) Can't find anymore street lights to fix either. Also looking for the graveyard shovel in the big grassy area. It's not there and cannot get street light at top to illuminate. Cannot get to New York. Very frustrated. Please Help! Thanks in advance.

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Re:Stuck in London

[Post New]by DannielSquall on Nov 12, 11 5:45 AM
There's a key in the end of London that you will need it, the shovel is in a grassy area indeed... none bug regarding the shovel has been ever reported.

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