the premature bural walkthrough

[Post New]by mariannehansson on Nov 12, 11 1:23 AM
Hov do I decipher the code on the egyptian painting

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Re:the premature bural walkthrough

[Post New]by bfgRhone on Nov 12, 11 2:05 AM
Hi mariannehansson,

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The Egyptian characters' position are shaped to match a Roman numeral (X, I, V, C, etcetera). Try checking what numeral matches a position best and that's your solution.

If you're looking for a more direct hint, please highlight the text below with your mouse cursor (as taken from our walkthrough.)

Put the CODE TABLE on the painting.

You have to decipher the code using the table and the positions of the Egyptian characters.

The code is 10 ( X) -1 (I) – 5 (V) – 2 (II).

Cut the carpet with the DAGGER (E).

Zoom into the carpet and enter the code 10,1,5,2.

Take the RING (F).

Hope this helps!


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