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Plot questions [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]

[Post New]by SoManyCrimes on Nov 12, 11 7:36 AM
[I know, I know. I should just let it go gracefully! I bought a game, it was a bit rubbish. It happens. But I just don't understand. It was so good in so many ways. And I want to make sure I'm not being unduly harsh...]

So. Here are some things I didn't understand. Was I being impatient by the end, so I didn't pay enough attention, or are the answers to these questions really not in the game and it's an incomplete story, badly told??

1. Where did the Mayor get the Ark? Was it just under the town?

2. What did he actually want? (I have a feeling it was to protect the Ark, maybe? But then no-one seemed to know about it, so I'm not sure how summoning a bunch of magic knights to destroy the place helped in keeping it secret.)

3. What did the cholera have to do with anything? I got a diary entry suggesting it was a big deal, but then nothing else seemed to come of it. (I'm guessing there's a connection with the green sludge from the dam, but what?)

4. What were the knights? Were they spirits of dead Templars who possessed people? Or were the townsfolk already Templars, or pretending to be, and the wreaths just hypnotised them? But then where did they get the magic power to zombify people?

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