[Post New]by cousingail on Nov 12, 11 4:52 PM
I can't get this one. Every time I get all the blue lights lit up and go from left to right ,I do top row 1-4-5 then hit button. then 7-9-11 hit button,then 2-3-11 then hit button,last one 3-8-11 hit button. Nothing happens ...Please I need help someone out there please???


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[Post New]by everln on Nov 20, 11 6:20 AM
Hi Cousigail
by now you may have answer but if not first line is 1,4,5 press green button next 2,3,11 press button then 7,9,10 press button last 8,3,10 press button
dont switch any yellow lights off between each set of numbers it took me a while to sort this out

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