Stuck on standard Level 49

[Post New]by jms1221 on Nov 13, 11 11:45 AM
Please help with gold on level 49. Thanks

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Re:Stuck on standard Level 49

[Post New]by unclepaul on Nov 15, 11 7:55 AM
Farm Frenzy Viking Heroes Level 49
You start with 25000 gold
Need 10 Flying Machines and 50000 gold.
You have 5,15 min and can buy Blue Ice Crystals
You can make Timber and ingots .
Four predators arrive each at 16, 1.47 , 3.16, 4.31, and 5.01

1. Buy a Blue horse . At 16 sec 4 predators arrive cage 2 and send to market, then store a gold horse shoe and cage the other two and when boat returns send vehicle for Blue Ice Crystals and send Gold Horsehoe and predator to market (5080 gold).
2. When boat returns buy 2 boars and 1 sheep, clear the two locations and build the timber mill and the foundry. Start the sheep making wood and the foundry making ingots. Upgrade the boat to red sails and the storage once and the vehicle to one ram.
3. At 1.47 4 more predators arrive, they are just a nuisance now and you won't need them but cage them to stop them attacking the boars.

4. Make first flying machine and keep sending the vehicle to buy blue ice to keep the horse well fed. Send the flying machine to market for 8000 gold and when it returns upgrade the foundry and wood maker to 2, buy another sheep. You should still have about 6000 left over.

5. Send the second flying machine and when the boat returns upgrade the flying machine maker to 2 as well.
Keep making the machines 2 at a time and after sale of 6 more you should have another 48000 and be able to make the 50000 and 10 machines easily. I did 5.06 but that was inefficient and watching the video I can see where I could improve on that.

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