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ifrit level 28 slide puzzle

[Post New]by loriaudio on Nov 13, 11 2:39 PM
i've played to the end of the game. i started over but im stuck on the slide puzzle since this is my second time through you'd think i could get past this slide puzzle since i did it once already. this slide puzzle contains a large cross-shaped piece even if you slide it to one side part of the cross is blocking the throughway i know its possible to solve because ive done it once if someone has a clue with screenshots maybe PLEASE POST thanks

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:ifrit level 28 slide puzzle

[Post New]by Eury on Nov 21, 11 8:17 PM
I had the same problem. But voila! All you have to do is go up the sides of the game and bypass that pesky stone puzzle. I'm even wondering if there is a solution to that one, due to the cross shape. Anyway, when it doubt, bypass!!

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