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Can't get back to the town

[Post New]by unknitter on Nov 13, 11 7:46 PM
I followed the old lady's directions, met up with the girl and got to the town. Went through several scenes and at some point I didn't know where to go next. When I checked the walkthrough, I found that I should have gone to the kitchen first to get the rust remover. So I did that, but now I can't get back to the town. I keep ending up back in the bedroom.

I've read a few old posts where others have had a similar problem, but the solution suggested (don't follow old lady's directions again, just turn right) isn't working for me and I end up back in the bedroom every time. Is my only option to start the game over? Would appreciate any help!

Edited to say I found what I was doing wrong. Never mind!

Edited on 11/13/2011 at 8:15:56 PM PST

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