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Templar Inventory Usage

[Post New]by guppy3 on Nov 14, 11 11:43 PM
I bought this game after just a few minutes of play. Loved the prequel. This one is really bizarre. Convoluted story line (though I don't really ask that it be a best seller; just some rational thought). But the really frustrating part of the game was the use of inventory items. Truly bordered on the inane. I can't reach the tongs (not with the cane in inventory, nor with half dozen over items. Eventually I acquire bellows to blow up a miniature balloon near by and it takes off and accidentally bumps into my tongs and voila! I have tongs. I can't believe anyone would have thought of that cause and effect. A secret mechanism (without a close up) that will spring a trap door..... won't work unless I tap it with said cane. Cane turns into a lever.... didn't know a lever was needed. I used the strategy guide and hint system in this game more than I have ever ever used it. There was absolutely no rhyme or reason for any next steps. On the good side of this review, well some of the puzzles were different. That's always a plus. They were often without adequate instructions/goals. I think there's a language issue there. I really wanted a game and bought this in two minutes. Reminded me of prequel which I enjoyed. I commend the developers for trying new things. Personally I don't want to use an inventory item inside a hidden object game..... I'd often be in the hidden object game before I'd even been to the place where I'd get the tool I would need in the hidden object game I'm playing. So, I'll give it a few stars but not four or five. It is just too far out of the box thinking for me. I am by nature a logical person. I get a stool and will use it to stand on.... not use it for an axle or whatever in a war machine......

Anyway, I've almost finished game. It'll be a long timebefore I play it again. If ever.

Elephant Games..... you disappointed this time. Back to work and back to your higher standards! I own all (I think) of your **** adventure games and you tried too hard for new twists.... theold twists were just fine!


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