The Maze

[Post New]by margames on Nov 16, 11 8:24 PM
Can anyone help- Can,y get past this maze. Is there a way to pass it. Frustated!!!!



Re:The Maze

[Post New]by 1_joey on Dec 2, 11 6:42 PM
this maze is driving me batty, anyone, anyone got a little inkling of what to do? please


Re:The Maze

[Post New]by nightinggale22 on May 7, 13 11:46 PM
I just got to the Maze also. It is a pain. I bought this game over a year ago and just got to this point. I repeat....I purchased this game. I like it but I want to know why there are NO skip or hints or better directions to the mini games? It seems as if you are being punished for buying the game and when you don't tbuy them. Also it doesn't save your progress. I was 3 lanes into the maze and had to attend to other business. Each time I start it is NOT where I left off.Crazy. The maze has got to go!

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