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How big is download (REALLY??)

[Post New]by memcglone on Nov 17, 11 10:40 PM
Can anyone confirm what the real download size of Nightmare Realm is? I only have dialup & am suspicious that the listed size is incorrect (see below for why). I'd hate to buy it only to find I could not download it.

The game description page says Nightmare Realm is only a 217M download. But it requires 735M of harddrive space, which indicates way more compression of the download file than most BFG games have. When I tried to order it on CD, I got an error message that it was not available on CD, which makes me wonder if that is because the CD program knows the download file is really > 600M, rather than the smaller size shown on the description page. It also has a demo that is 176M, but that is so close to the listed full game size of 217M size that it hardly seems like it would have made sense to make a separate try vs buy version.

Can anyone who has bought the game confirm for me whether the listed download size of 217M really is correct?? Thanks.

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Re:How big is download (REALLY??)

[Post New]by vingilot on Nov 19, 11 10:00 AM
You're right, that is quite a discrepancy. I checked the Mac side for the CE (we just barely got the CE and don't have the SE yet) and the numbers are much closer together. Unfortunately, Mac and PC file sizes always differ, but usually by no more than 100 MB. The Mac CE is 529 MB and the PC CE is 453 MB, which sounds about right. I would assume then that the PC SE size listed as 217 MB is the correct size, and the number at the bottom is incorrect. NOTE: There is just as large a discrepancy between those two numbers on the CE for the PC version too, but not for the MAC.

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