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Heroes of Hellas - refund

[Post New]by dbplbp on Nov 18, 11 5:04 AM
Dear all,

I am not very good with computers so when I buy a game I expect it to work. I have read some of your suggestions how to make it work, but it is far too difficult for me to follow. I want a refund or a version that does not crash, but I cannot find where/how to ask for a refund. Can anybody help, please? Many thanks in advance.

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Re:Heroes of Hellas - refund

[Post New]by SeaBamboo on Nov 18, 11 5:12 AM

If you click on the big green envelope on the right at the bottom left of the page is a link to 'If you still need help contact us'

You can send an email to Customer Services about the problems you have been having

Go to: