A Long Game!

[Post New]by l8nytsimmer on Nov 18, 11 8:05 AM
As i played the demo, I found that I liked the characters and the story for this game, so I bought the full version. It turned out to be quite a long game, with what I considered a few too many **** scenes. The **** scenes got to be kind of tedious after a while and slowed the game down. However, the graphics and background art were very nice, with a lot of color, especially, in the part of the forest with all of the glowing crystals.
The only thing that really bugged me was the abundance of misspelled words. I mean, doesn't any of these game companies hire people to spell check the prose, and look for assorted errors in the game BEFORE releasing it for sale?

I gave this one 4 stars. I liked the story, and the game play, but was disappointed by not having any action at all with the witch. Even at the end, she stands there with her back to the Queen, not even moving as the queen is busy thwarting her revenge! I found that rather lame. Adding, that to the multiple spelling errors, is why I could not give the game five stars. Still, it was worth the $6.99 that I paid for it.

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