A Seriously Excellent Game!

[Post New]by l8nytsimmer on Nov 18, 11 8:20 AM
Usually I don't buy the collector's Editions, because they are so expensive. I wait for the regular version to be released. However, as I played the Demo, I found myself hooked on the story,and the action very quickly. I LOVED the special glowing effects that surrounded the Templar Knights! It gave the game a really creepy atmosphere.
When the demo ended, I just HAD TO buy the full game, to discover who was behind all of this trouble in the town, and why the Knights had come from the past to the present. I had to see how it all wound up at the end. The game play was challenging, with a lot of traveling from place to place to solve the various puzzles and mini games. I like that kind of game. I enjoy a game that makes me use my head. I'm glad that the newest HOGs are being made this way, with a lot of story action and problems to be solved. A straight HOG, with game play consisting of one **** scene after another gets boring after only a short time. There isn't much of a challenge.

So I give this one Five Huge Glowing Gold Stars, and a serious WELL DONE to the developers, writers, artists, and animators! I look forward to future games from these folks. They are definitely a winning team!

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Re:A Seriously Excellent Game!

[Post New]by javajule on Nov 18, 11 9:30 AM
I agree with you completely. For those of you (and I'm one of them) that have been holding off on getting CEs lately, this one is a definite "must buy!"


Re:A Seriously Excellent Game!

[Post New]by indiasnowden on Nov 18, 11 1:04 PM
Totally loving this game. Well worth the CE price. Do not hesitate to get this game. The eye candy is most excellent. Sit back and enjoy. I will be watching for another game like this in the future. This game will keep me occupied for awhile. I want the no help, no wrong clicks achievement (for me that is quite a challenge). Everyone, enjoy the game.

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