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Glitch! No Exit from Dungeon If You Go Back In

[Post New]by Twrexx on Nov 18, 11 10:37 PM
I should have known better than to buy another Hallowed Legends game. After using the dynamite to get out of the dungeon, I decided to go back down to see if there was anything new that I should check on. Well, once you're down there, you can't get back out! There's no arrow to the right to exit the dungeon from where you blow it up.

This is unbelievable. I had to get my money back on Samhain and now this one sucks too. Too bad. I was enjoying the story.

Right before this happened, by the way, I got kicked out of the game back to my desktop. I went back in and it took me right back to the cut scene with the dynamite going off so I thought I was okay.

Anyone else have this problem? I'm so fed up with these g.d. bugs!

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Re:Glitch! No Exit from Dungeon If You Go Back In

[Post New]by puzzledone on Nov 18, 11 11:15 PM
As I recall, you go back out the top where you came down. If I'm remembering the correct scene. I've played through to the end twice, and the bonus game twice and no problem, although some of them take some thought. I've mostly followed the strategy guide for directions as I tend to get lost easily.

Hope you find your way out and can enjoy the rest of the game.

(I'd check the SG again but I just closed the game and no time now sorry)

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