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Whaaat? This not a 'CE'?

[Post New]by Robsim on Nov 19, 11 2:27 PM
And not a complaint, mind you. Although I don't know what the game's length is, the graphics, puzzles, hint system, logic useage (need to put your thinking caps on), etc., would seem to qualify it as one. I demo'd it and it is definately a buy. Hmmm, I'm almost tempted to put the Guardians Beyond game on hold (finish it another time) . Nonetheless, enjoy all!!

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Re:Whaaat? This not a 'CE'?

[Post New]by govegril on Nov 19, 11 3:52 PM
I am sure a game needs a strategy guide, bonus gameplay and some promotional material such as desktop backgrounds and concept artwork to qualify as a CE and it should also be a new game.

The boxed version of this game has been out sometime now

Folks finished are reporting between 2 hrs and 4 hrs play time- so average 3 hours to play the game- so very much on the short side for a CE too.

Great that you are enjoying it and would pay double for the game- that is a good recommendation

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