level 12 - where is the great treasure?

[Post New]by justmom55 on Nov 19, 11 6:37 PM
Where can I find the great treasure in level 12?


Re:level 12 - where is the great treasure?

[Post New]by twoowls1977 on Apr 29, 12 12:27 AM
the great treasure is in a hole under the ledges . ... instead of jumping up on the cloudsto get to the ledges stay on the ground floor until you see a small treasure box above you. jump up there and open the box ..( you may need a bomb inside the inner chamber no 2.. I can't remmember) then on the ledge talk to the girl... go in the hole by pressing the action button...
jump into the red part of the big medalion fight off baddies and get the great treasure (this is where you may need the bomb) and the small chests... 5 of them.. then a blue spiral appears.. stand in front of it and press the action button you go back to the scientists go to the door and press the action button and your out ..now you can go back to get all the other stuff above you. :-)

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