Pieces of horse birthday toy? +more questions

[Post New]by mamallama08 on Nov 20, 11 2:34 PM
I played the demo and thought the game was beautiful. However, in the children's museum area, the video clip of Clarence age 10 tells you that his toy horse disappeared and a piece is hidden in each clock puzzle in the museum. Well, I had time to play 2.5 of those puzzles before my demo ran out- but I never saw a single thing that looked anything like a piece of wooden horse. I clicked on every scrap of wood in all those scenes, just in case. I clicked on just about everything, really! Did I misunderstand something?
Also, occasionally I would click in certain spots and sparks would fly and my cursor would look iced over for about 2 seconds. Is that part of the game? Does it serve any purpose?
One more question...in one review, someone mentioned an option at the beginning of the game to choose "sparkles" or no sparkles. I did not see a choice; there were sparkles in my game leading me to everything in the rooms (the owl's wings, for example, and then to each clock face....as if clocks weren't easy to spot?). I found that made it a little too easy and less fun. Is there a way to turn them off? Is that a feature if I buy the full game?
Thanks for all the help!

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