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Finally Finished

[Post New]by ceejaye1 on Nov 20, 11 2:57 PM
I really enjoyed this game. I never ran into any of the glitches some people found. I did need to consult the map and book often. Thanks to all of you who have posted in this forum. I know I needed all the help I found here to finish.


Re:Finally Finished

[Post New]by cazzy58 on Mar 9, 12 9:09 AM
if you have finished mystery island, then maybe you can help me? grrrrh, i think im almost at the end of the game, im in a room were i have to find 14 pieces of mosaic, ive got down to four, but can i hell as like find them, the hint keeps going to the same place but ive covered every single mm of the page and nothing! im beginning to think theres a hiccup in the game.

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Re:Finally Finished

[Post New]by cinder555 on Mar 9, 12 9:16 AM
There is a great picture where to find all the pieces in the walkthrough by Big Fish Games


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