Level 38

[Post New]by boxerlover1 on Nov 20, 11 8:22 PM
Can't seem to get past this one in gold! Please HELP!!!

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Re:Level 38

[Post New]by unclepaul on Jan 14, 12 3:35 AM
1. Break rock to North Collect Gold
2. Buy 2 yeast, break rock to north east and collect flower and then bake first bread.
3. Break rock to west
4. Collect bread and sell
5. Collect west logs, Break rock to east and collect 2 wheat.
6. build bridge to North and collect the 3 timber and then build the mill and start milling the two wheat to get two flour.
7. Buy third yeast and two logs and break rock to South.
8. Collect two flower and start baking the second bread.
9. Collect the logs to South and build bridge to north gold.
10 Collect bread and starting last bread. Collect gold to North and buy two logs .
11. Sell the second bread. Build bridge to wheat fields and collect last bread to easily finish about 3.05

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