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Information about passing levels

[Post New]by tammytheo on Nov 21, 11 7:42 AM
Hi guys,

I purchased the game some time ago and I'm playing it again and again without geting tired of it. At least until now! It is a very good and very amusing game from really great developers.

Anyway. I took a look at the forum and I saw that some fishies are having problems with passing certain levels. As you already know the game has two difficulty levels. It's better to start with the casual mode as the challenging mode is quite difficult to play. For passing levels and winning the expert award, it's very important that you choose the right upgrades. Another thing is that you must try to make as much combos as you can especially when it's time for the customers to check out. Have you tried to play the previous level again? That way you can earn some extra money and buy upgrades that you don't have.

Well, that is all I can think of for now. I hope that some of you find my message helpful.

Take care and happy gaming.

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Re:Information about passing levels

[Post New]by MommaSwagg on Nov 23, 11 5:18 PM
I am stuck on level 37. Can anyone help?

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Re:Information about passing levels

[Post New]by grndpiano on Aug 3, 12 10:39 AM
I've played level 10 over and over and over...highest score is 3900...need 4200 to pass and 5000 to get gold...I have all elevator upgrades, the shoes, and most of the rooms upgraded...I have the door, drapes...almost everything upgraded, and still can get by level 10...can anyone givem e a suggestion or a little help please??????


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