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date for tombstone to get unicorn

[Post New]by elmira78 on Nov 21, 11 1:42 PM
I'm having trouble figuring out the date for the tombstone to unlock the unicorn and get the last key. I searched the game and tried all the dates I found, but none worked. Any suggestions?

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Re:date for tombstone to get unicorn

[Post New]by bfgKenai on Nov 25, 11 5:20 AM
Hey elmira78,

If you're still looking for the numbers to be entered on the tombstone to unlock the unicorn, you might want to check out these few steps below from the Bluebeard's Castle Walkthrough. I'm also copying the screenshot of the scene for you Here:

Zoom into the recess on the casket; put the ROSE in it (12).

Zoom into the casket to activate a puzzle.

Move the boards around to the numbers:'1638' (A).

Take the UNICORN (13).

hope this helps!

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