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Bonus Rip Off

[Post New]by jobi on Nov 21, 11 2:45 PM
I dont know about anyone else, but it seems to me that extra bonus to which we have to pay more for the collectors edition is not worth it. the bonus took me exactly 20 min. to finish,as compared to other games.

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Re:Bonus Rip Off

[Post New]by Janie42 on Nov 23, 11 5:48 PM
Same here... not quite 30 minutes & that's with lots of looking around, no puzzle skips & on hard mode.
This is shameful on ERS/BFG's part IMO.
Moreover, it seems to me that the bonus is actually the 'real' ending & the devs just popped the cutscene in at chapter end instead of at the end-end just to make the 'real' ending seem like a bonus?
I think SE buyers are going to find the SE ending poor/abrupt/incomplete.
And CE buyers (like us) find the Bonus not really a bonus at all!

I'm half-part disappointed & half-part disgusted.


Re:Bonus Rip Off

[Post New]by NCDiver on Nov 27, 11 4:39 PM
I agree!!! Too short


Azada Bonus

[Post New]by jackcaz on Dec 1, 11 5:47 PM
You guys are apparently a lot smarter than me. I can't even move the ladder. The 1st Azada was great! The 2nd was okay, but this one is just another one of those boring, run of the mill games that takes forever to go from one scene to the next.

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Re:Bonus Rip Off

[Post New]by Bylena on Dec 27, 11 4:21 PM
Can't access bonus content. It keeps telling me to finish the game. I have finished the game. Frustrated!


Bonus Rip Off

[Post New]by Lady_of_Emerald on Dec 29, 11 3:54 PM
Has anyone found a way to access the mini-games?

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Re:Bonus Rip Off

[Post New]by calsmom2001 on Dec 29, 11 4:03 PM
Bylena wrote:Can't access bonus content. It keeps telling me to finish the game. I have finished the game. Frustrated!

Same thing happened to me. I finally gave up and went and played better games -
House of 1000 Doors and Brink of Consciousness - both WAY better than Azada! IMHO


Re:Bonus Rip Off

[Post New]by kazooie2628 on Feb 19, 12 3:55 PM
Well, it's not like you're buying a whole second game here. Collector's editions are expensive because they also include stuff like wallpapers, musical scores, and original artwork. The bonus gameplay is usually just made of stuff that the developers couldn't fit into the original game but have already created and programmed. To be fair, the game wasn't all bad. True, it took forever to get from place to place (a map feature might've been nice), but you have to admit that the artwork was nice.

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Re:Bonus Rip Off

[Post New]by bur2000 on Apr 7, 13 1:31 AM
That's what I don't like about CEs. You pay twice the amount you pay for the SE and often only get a 1 h bonus game play. Frankly, the wallpaper and stuff is nice, but I don't pay $7 for that...

So why do I still get the CE everytime? Because as often as not the "bonus" actually is the real ending. So if you made the mistake and bought SE you either never see the real ending or cough up another $14 for the CE.

If the SE was upgradeable, that'd be another thing, but right now to be save you have to go for the CE. That sucks.

It was my first Azada, and was so recommended. I don't know why.
The reason Azada was famous was because parts 1 and 2 were different. Especially part 1, it was basically a collection of minigames and short "escape the room" games.

This 3rd part is a decent adventure game, but could as well be called "Dark Wizard: The Keys" or "Dark Travels - The Three Worlds". It just shares the name with the first two games.

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