level 5 - 2

[Post New]by dhswails57 on Nov 23, 11 9:27 AM
does anyone have any tips on how to get expert on this one?

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Re:level 5 - 2

[Post New]by Lisrose on Mar 20, 12 9:06 AM
I bought an extra weeder first thing and concentrated on keeping the four plants alive - especially the rose on the right and the pumpkin on the outer ring. I moved the pumpkin up into the main square when i had money to do so. (for the extra bonus ring) I only bought roses for the first part and filled the top square with pink and gold roses, keeping the colors separated for the best bonuses. I used the weed bag when the extra weeds popped up and mainly concentrated on planting out the main square, only worrying about the other section when the square was fully planted. The outer ring I filled with the medium cost flowers. (more to keep the weeds away than because I needed them) I ended up buying all the statues near the end but the roses (after a spelled watering) produced thousands of dollars in one full harvest so it all rolled in nicely.

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