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Could have been a good game(spoilers)

[Post New]by entranced on Nov 24, 11 7:59 AM
What was a good game for the most part, suddenly ended in misery when I entered the secret room and found out I had to find 12 demon heads. I had seen them in HoS before so I can figure out I have to go and look for 12 new and boring HoS. The HoS in this game was really boring, with sparkles indicating hidden locations. HoS is not what makes these games good. It's the beautifully painted backgrounds, the puzzles and using objects in the environment, just like the good old adventure games used to be. So 12 more of those boring scenes made me quit the game and now I'm really disappointed.

The graphics, music and puzzles were good but I think the mansion should have been darker to give a more creepy atmosphere, since it's actually haunted.

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