Length of game

[Post New]by Underthebridge on Nov 24, 11 9:50 AM
does anyone know how many chapters are in this game...I didn't see a WT...please adivse..also I am not talking about how long as I realize everyone plays at a different pace and we skip puzzles at times...
Thank you


Re:Length of game

[Post New]by humptylock on Dec 22, 12 4:11 AM
Hello Allie! ^_^
I've just recently finished playing this game. There are six chapters all up.
They are as follows:
Chapter 1: The Arrival
Chapter 2: The Lament
Chapter 3: The Love of Gold
Chapter 4: The Price of Curiosity
Chapter 5: The Betrayal
Chapter 6: The Truth
There are also Bonus Materials to continue on with once you have completed the game.
-HL- Tegan.

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