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At the carriage

[Post New]by JKPHEP on Nov 24, 11 1:39 PM
I am suppose to be looking for the sheriff. I am suppose to go to the crashed car and go to the hole in the tree to play a HOS but there is a spider there. Then I go back down 3 clicks but can't get but 1 click to the dress shop and play a HOS. I run into the ghost with a broken Carriage wanting me to fix his carriage . I try to go around him but I go straight into the dress shop and into the home part of the house. I have to catch a fly to feed a spider in the tree hole. But I can't find the HOS to get a jar. I would really thank you for any help or any way you done it. THANKS

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Re:At the carriage

[Post New]by glb613 on Nov 25, 11 4:33 AM
Never mind, I wasn't clicking in the right place.

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