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SOLUTION to ifrit level 28 slide puzzle

[Post New]by loriaudio on Nov 24, 11 3:49 PM
i dont know how to post screen shots so i'll try to describe what i did slide the large cross-shaped piece all the way to the right the 2 "L"-shaped pieces at bottom on each side there are 3 small squares place 2 on top of each other on the left over the "L"-shaped piece place the 3rd small in the top right quadrant of the cross-shaped piece the route doesnt have to be a straight shot it just needs to be clear from each end btw I DID IT IN 5 MINUTES took me 3 hours of fooling around the other day still couldnt solve it came to me today first thing go figure anyway i hope my description helps you get through it one fellow in this forum told me to by-pass the slide puzzle BUT YOU CANT BY-PASS IT you have to solve the slide puzzle in order to go on glad i finally figured it out

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