Hidden Expedition Titanic

[Post New]by jewels2010 on Nov 26, 11 4:16 AM

Just wondering when I am playing it doesn't save the game when you QUIT.
I always need to start again...WHY? Can anybody assist me?
Thanks in advance.

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Re:Hidden Expedition Titanic

[Post New]by lyrialice on Nov 26, 11 6:35 AM
Hi jewels2010

You didn't say what you were playing the game on. Click on the All Games Forum tab click on your game name on the page that comes. This takes you to your game forum.

There are helpful posts there. One of the posters realised you had to play on to the end of a chapter or something then the game saves.


Re:Hidden Expedition Titanic

[Post New]by jewels2010 on Nov 26, 11 6:14 PM
Thanks - i will check it out

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Re:Hidden Expedition Titanic

[Post New]by bfgKenai on Nov 27, 11 4:26 AM
Hi jewels2010,

Welcome to the Pond!

Looks like you're experiencing some save issues with your game. In that case you might want to check out this help page article below, it has helped many people to resolve similar types of issues in the past:

Game Not Saving

And as Lyrialice mentioned earlier, a great way to find a specific answer without searching through page after page of threads is to use the Advanced Forum Search option under Search All Forums, which you’ll find on the upper-right side of this page.
Just choose a specific game from the drop-down menu and type in a keyword like for example "save" and then all of the posts in that forum containing the word "save" will appear.

If your game is still not working properly using the Help pages, be sure to get in touch with our Customer Support. In the Help pages section, scroll down and you will find the option to contact us on the bottom left under Contact Us. Please write in with a Dr. Felix report so that our Reps can gather some necessary information to resolve this with you.

Also, I'll be moving this thread to the Hidden Expedition: Titanic™ Forum, this way it will be easier for other players to join in on the conversation. Please feel free to continue your discussion over HERE.

Hope this helps!

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