Sword disappeared from inventory

[Post New]by reneebk on Nov 26, 11 9:11 PM
So, got the sword from the chest, used it on the lion, went to the museum, and I have to use it on the game to get the insignia but it has disappeared from my inventory now. What now?


Re:Sword disappeared from inventory

[Post New]by amierakae_54 on Dec 6, 11 3:53 PM
Yes, this is my problem now..I am almost at the end of the game and now the sword is nowhere!! I went back to see if there was another spot I could get it and even in the same spot but it isn't there! anyone have any idea??


Re:Sword disappeared from inventory

[Post New]by petunia_1965 on Dec 20, 11 8:55 PM
Help----- has anyone found the sword????? Tired of paying/playing games that don't play well with others!!

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Re:Sword disappeared from inventory

[Post New]by burf90 on Dec 20, 11 10:42 PM
For all of you, the sword you used on the lion is only used for that purpose. It's supposed to disappear after that.

The sword you need later is likely in your inventory and you've been carrying it around for quite a while (at least I had been, when I played). It's also not only a sword...


Re:Sword disappeared from inventory

[Post New]by JanMarsoHill on Dec 26, 11 5:23 PM
The sword you need is obtained when you complete the picture puzzle (P) in the hotel. In the Table of Contents you will find the puzzle in Chapter 2 The Dungeon page 14. In the last pages of the game (page 50) if you select Hint it will tell you where to find the puzzle and that you need to obtain the sword you need.

I continued the game without the sword until I got to the end of the game. I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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