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[Post New]by gothiclexi on Nov 27, 11 5:35 PM
Im in the orient and I have already fired two of my animals because I dont know how to get more keepers. I dont have enough, and i keep getting more animals! which did you get rid of? I have hired all of the keepers possible but some of the animals are on poor care.



[Post New]by munchkinwidget on May 21, 12 6:39 PM
how many animals do you have?



[Post New]by puppydogtails on Feb 26, 14 8:43 AM
You have to spend those points on the animal under manager actions to up the care of each animal from very poor to o.k. etc. The more vets and keepers you have you can gain more care points but it cost more money. The manager can care for the animals to gain at least 100 more points but you spend the manager's XP points to do that. Once you have enough spend a little of the care points on the animals that are in very poor care etc. It is a choice, either have the manager spend XP for care points under manager actions for the day, then spend those on the animals to up the care for them or pay more people, vets and keepers to increase the care points then spend them click slowly on spending care points, to increase the care for each animal.



[Post New]by puppydogtails on Mar 1, 14 9:35 AM
Sorry, that wasn't very clear. If anyone is still playing this game when you hire a keeper notice the care points for the money you pay. Once you hire a keeper go to the personal information about each animal and look at the bottom for the quality of care. Very poor, poor, ok, good, great etc.
You will see the reserve care points and what you can spend of those points to increase the quality of care. If you have a lot of animals, then only spend points up to the point each one says O.K. Unless this is extremely important to the animal and then you should spend those points up to good etc. But remember as you spend those points to increase their care, you eventually run out and have to hire more keepers/vets. Your trainers and some performers also bring care points to the table, if you are low on cash and can't hire a vet at the moment. You are told you need more keepers because you don't have enough care points, because one of the trainers may have run off, and taken his points with him, and you may have spent all the points you gained when you hired a new keeper. It is important to see what wage they want for the points they supply, too. Some cheaper keepers actually offer more care points than an expensive keeper. Don't forget to increase the care points of each animal after hiring the new keeper! Or it will still say very poor, poor etc. You do this by clicking personal happiness of each animal then manager action there you can increase the care of the animal with the care points available from all combined keepers, trainers, vets, and some performers that can work with the animals. Also, under the Salary/Care tab you can see what care and pay you are supplying to each. You can lower the care points of an animal to get back some point to give to another animal that may need more. Example, if the lion has great as his care, you can lower some of his points to give to the camel etc. BTW, the camels need a lot of points, I wound up firing one since it was slow to learn, mean and needed too many care points all the time. But you can click on the daily and have the manager care for that animal (100 points) for that day. Also, spending points to play with them increases their mood etc.

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