iPhone version: Pots in herb garden

[Post New]by EarleyDaysYet on Dec 5, 11 2:52 AM
I have all the pots out on the table, have the trowel full of dirt... But the damn thing won't accept the dirt. I have tried letting go of the trowel in every position I can think of, but it just keeps saying "1/3 full" and the dirt WON'T GO IN!! It's driving me crazy. Has anyone else had this & overcome it??


Re:iPhone version: Pots in herb garden

[Post New]by Shazziek on Dec 20, 11 4:34 AM
Hi. Just worked out how to do this as was driving me mad too. Drag the trowel up to the top of the pot so that it hovers above it. Then double tap on the pot to fill it. Need to refill the trowel again and do the process 3 times. It takes a few attempts until it accepts it but eventually will work.

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