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Reviews for Sunshine Acres

[Post New]by bfgKenai on Dec 7, 11 12:31 AM
Hi Fishies!

We’d love to hear what you think of Sunshine Acres; your reviews are very important to us and to other Fishies. And now you’re more than welcomed to post your thoughts about this game right from the Sunshine Acres page over Here!

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Once you’ve submitted your review, please feel free to come back and re-post your thoughts in this thread. Remember, a lot of people who will be reading these reviews haven’t played this game yet, so if you’re posting any spoilers, please be sure to include SPOILER ALERT at the top of your post.

You can also specify if you played the game from the trial version or the full version and on which level you ended your game play, so that other players can get more out of this discussion !

If you are experiencing technical issues with this game, remember to check out the support thread for this game here.

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Happy gaming!

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Re:Reviews for Sunshine Acres

[Post New]by Daisy_May on Mar 23, 12 6:38 AM
I bought this game last July (2011), played it on a Vista laptop and enjoyed it so much that I played it almost exclusively until I finished it.

IMO it's a little gem.

Here's what I posted about it at the time in CCC. (Not as detailed as my usual reviews because it was in a post highlighting several games).

Daisy_May wrote:Sunshine Acres a farming type game but different mechanism for growing plants - you click on them to open up a menu to click on what action you want. If there is one of the tools you need free then you can do the action instantly. There is no waiting for a character to wander their way through a chain of commands. There is no character at all.

This is another one where gold on a couple levels is very hard to get but not impossible. Many of my recommendations are often based on little more than demo time so far, but I have finished this one (with all golds).

By the way, I was missing one trophy and intend to play it again sometime to get that one.

I now play on a Windows 7 desktop and I can confirm that the game came up OK and first level started off OK when I tested it after installing it on this, but I haven't replayed it on this yet.

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Re:Reviews for Sunshine Acres

[Post New]by hughchik on Mar 24, 12 9:01 AM
I agree with Daisy_May entirely. What a fantastic game.

I had no problems installing & playing it on my Windows7 desktop.

It's definitely not an easy game (if you want to get all gold ) but strangely compelling. As Daisy_May said, there is no character so there is none of the agonisingly long wait period of some other TM games, especially in the early stages.

In fact, it's fast paced from the word go - I had to repeat Level 4 a few times to get gold & Level 6 nearly killed me .

Similar in style to the Frenzy games, you grow plants on your farm and build enhancements to earn money.

I haven't completed the game yet so don't know how many levels there are (at least 25) but I played for about 4 hours and have only completeted Level 6 (which probably took me half of that ) so many hours of enjoyment here.

It is a bit of a clickfest, but there is strategy involved as well as you have to plan how to meet your goals within the time period. There are points awarded for 3 time periods in each level (gold,silver & bronze) but if the time runs out you can still keep on playing. You do need to have a certain number of points to progress to each level though so if playing without regard to the time bonuses you may need to replay certain levels.

2 things I don't like about the game are that the instructions & help are slightly inadequate (IMO) and there is no Replay Level button so you have to go back to the Main Menu each time you replay.

These, however, are minor quibbles, the game itself is fun and addictive & I recommend it to anyone who enjoys TM games.

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