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Contains SPOILERS... Can ANYONE explain those math problems???

[Post New]by burf90 on Dec 7, 11 2:24 PM

The ones in the tomb, I mean.

I solved the puzzle, but for the life of me I see NO logic of any kind on the placement of the numbers/signs. Is this some weird notation I've never heard of? Aside from the fact that the numbers placed in each row might, in some way shape or form, result in the answer at right, is there any logic behind the way the numbers are placed??? For instance, how does "+ 4 5" somehow equal 1? Those numbers in any other order don't work and no other combination of numbers works. You can't have "+ 5 4", it only works with "+ 4 5". You can't change the sign to a "-" sign, which would at least make a vague kind of backward sense, if the answer is 1.

Can anyone explain the logic here? (If I knew of a smiley that means I'm scratching my head in complete confusion, I'd insert it here...)

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Re:Contains SPOILERS... Can ANYONE explain those math problems???

[Post New]by Cultistmum on Dec 9, 11 6:01 AM
I agree with you; I did it by trial and error in the end.

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