Airport Mania 2 .. hints or SPOILERS ALERT

[Post New]by HereticAcorn3 on Dec 8, 11 1:38 PM
Hi Fellow Fishies,

I notice there wasn't a sole discussion for finding and interacting with background objects in the game. It's been a bit like hunting for electronic "easter eggs". I have posted two hints/spoilers below. Please post your hints for others.

For newbies: when you see a balloon or dirigible in th sky; keep it going from left to right (i.e. click it) before it reaches the end of the screen for a "Kept the balloon in the air" award.

Click the octopus in level two before it devours the ship. Level 2

Has anyone gotten the crates or forklift to do anything? Level 5
Hope to see more posts in this discussion.

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Re:Airport Mania 2 .. hints or SPOILERS ALERT

[Post New]by shagwendy on Jan 20, 12 10:26 AM
You need to click the hawk away before it gets the bunny.

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Re:Airport Mania 2 .. hints or SPOILERS ALERT

[Post New]by Mowglikat on Aug 14, 12 3:55 AM
On the christmas level you can click all the chimneys so that they smoke and hit the christmas tree so it lights up. I tried doing it when Santa was going across the screen but it didn't appear to trigger anything extra.

also on the very first level there's the scenery in the background, and the cars in the parking lot.

I figured out that if you hover over an object that is clickable it gets an colored highlight around the arrow. Makes the "easter eggs" much easier to find.

Now if I can just figure out how to get the perfect scores!


Re:Airport Mania 2 .. hints or SPOILERS ALERT

[Post New]by gametoomuch on Aug 20, 12 3:02 PM
In Stage 1 you can click on the 2 arches in the back ground multiple time and get
and get dialog also click on boxes and they rattle and click on cars in parking lot and the horns honk. This is also the level you click on the diving eagle to keep it from getting the bunny.


Re:Airport Mania 2 .. hints or SPOILERS ALERT

[Post New]by elexis70 on May 3, 13 9:52 AM
I too am trying to figure out what's up with the boxes and the forklift but so far have come up empty handed. However, to the person that wants to know how to get perfect scores, just complete everything on the stage perfectly 1 time through and you'll get a perfect score. I've done so on the first 2 and a half levels but for some reason my game won't save past level 2. I'm trying to work the bugs out of that one.

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