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Reviews for The Sultan's Labyrinth

[Post New]by bfgHondo on Dec 10, 11 12:06 AM
Hi fishies!

What did you think of The Sultan's Labyrinth? We value your reviews, as do many of the other fishies in our pond, and now you can post them right on the game page! For more information about our Game Reviews, please click here.

Once you’ve submitted your review, please feel free to come back and re-post your thoughts in this thread. Remember, a lot of people who will be reading these reviews haven’t played this game yet, so if you’re posting any spoilers, please be sure to include SPOILER ALERT at the top of your post. You can also add a note stating if you played the trial or full version and how far you have gotten in the game so other players can get more out of your review.

If you are experiencing technical issues with this game, remember to check out the support thread for this game here.

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Happy gaming!


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Re:Reviews for The Sultan's Labyrinth

[Post New]by sheepgirl on Dec 21, 11 10:59 AM
Well, you know that feeling when you just aren't sure about whether you like something but it draws you in regardless.......well this is one of those games.
It's frustrating but compellingly addictive........

A few gripes.......for heaven's sake make sure your custom cursor is on or you will be completely unable to play the game .....I never turn mine off but found this by accident.

The hint system is confusing.....if you are stuck on some scenes, you get three hints......on others, none.

I dipped out several times and had to check with the forum, which is unlike me. I tend only to do this when absolutely stumped.......and believe me this game had me stumped.

I found some of quite boring but was help in eager anticipation that a better screen was to follow........(see what I mean?)

So in a way - I sort of liked it.

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Re:Reviews for The Sultan's Labyrinth

[Post New]by gamer_girl_09 on Feb 8, 12 5:59 PM
(I puchased this when a "special" popped up to get it for $3.99 after purchasing another game. Not really my type of game, but played in order to give it a review that might help others)

**PROS** A lot of variation in the interactive scenes. Very easy if you are not new to gaming, but it would be a great game for beginners, in my opinion, and I would suggest it for them.

**CONS** I didn't really find any.

**SL (Story Line)** There is a SL that is told in between "levels" but the interaction really has nothing to do with it.

**SCREEN MODES** You have a choice of checking or unchecking the "Full Screen" box in the options panel. In full screen, I still had black panels on each side (20" laptop)

**SOUND** adjustable in the options panel

**LEVELS** Many levels, which consist of one scene that varies in game play from matching pairs, to finding the differences, etc.

**HINTS** Each level has only 3 that do not recharge.

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