Ultimate levels - struggling even on first studio!

[Post New]by Teoclaid on Dec 10, 11 10:06 AM
Hi. I have completed Sally's studio on iPhone, got all upgrades and medals and ultimate on 45 levels but there are still some levels I can't get to ultimate on!!

Even on day 4 & 5 of the first studio I can't get closer than within 200 points of ultimate. Can anyone help? I've used drinks, used CDs but doesn't quite get me there. I presume it is possible?? (I wonder if it's almost random abd depends on which set of customers you get)

Other problem levels: Rio days 3 & 5; Delhi day 5.

Help please, it's driving me crazy!


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Re:Ultimate levels - struggling even on first studio!

[Post New]by NicholasLAranda on Jul 1, 12 10:54 PM
What I found was the best strategy to get an Ultimate Ranking (the Heart over the Star) was to seat as many customers as possible.

That should be your #1 priority.

Your #2 priority is to get the customers to the cash register and checked out as soon as possible.

Then worry about 5 hearts.

My wife is an avid player and has been struggling to get Ultimate Rankings as well, the moment I told her about that, she got 5 Ultimate Rankings on levels that she had a tough time getting them on.

I hope my strategy works for you too!


Re:Ultimate levels - struggling even on first studio!

[Post New]by tinker_bell77 on Nov 28, 12 4:19 PM
I still can't get the Denver day 3. I've tried aout 1345 times. The score is 4200 and the closet i got qas 4197... 3 away. but getting them all seated doesnt seem to help at all

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Re:Ultimate levels - struggling even on first studio!

[Post New]by eternity00 on Feb 2, 14 12:05 PM
You cannot get perfect in Denver until later. You need to go to the other cities then come back after you have your helpers etc. Don't stress it. The game is set up that way.

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