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Key card in hospital- spoiler Got it

[Post New]by JKPHEP on Dec 10, 11 6:53 PM
I think I have really messed up. I don't know why you have to follow the walk through so close. But you do, or are smarter than I am . I got the key card under the bed and went to the keys and slid it through the slot. Put all the keys in the right place then went to open Jones' locker and went to get the key for 205 and the keys are locked up again. I looked at the walk through and was suppose to go to the lock box before the key game. Could anyone help me? Maybe someone from fish. If so just tell me I have to start over. I am about 1/2 way through. Thanks to anyone that can help. PLEASE. I hate doing games over. I if I have to I will probably trash this one. By the way the key card went away. Never mind. I went back and done things different and got the key. I am so happy. I apologise spelling to the makers of this game.

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