level 26

[Post New]by tctc2618 on Dec 11, 11 9:17 PM
trying for days to get the 2 service and 3 commercials with 500 guests each.


Re:level 26

[Post New]by motoracer6 on Jan 13, 13 6:42 AM
EXPERT Achieved!
Took a while but here's how I did it. (Hope I can remember the steps)

Buy 1 worker immediately
Build construction mill in lower left hand corner
While it builds, buy 1 $25K lot that comes up for sale
Once building is done, buy 1 more worker (using 1/2 price cost from mill)
Build Royal Hotel in upper right corner lot.
While building, get 500 more materials from construction mill
Use fast build feature from construction mill too to speed up the construction of the RH
Once built, sell RH immediately making sure to get equal or greater cost ($750k or more)
NOTE: From this point on you will continuously need to get 500 free materials from construction yard and use the fast build feature. Always check these frequently to ensure you grab them the moment they become available. If you didn't buy these power up features for the mill, I don't know if it will complete in time for expert rating.
Buy 5 workers and get 5000 materials
Buy remaining $25k lot
Build Royal Hotel in the $25k lot with 40% income boost
Demolish the fountain you own
After RH built, build Real Estate office in lower Right corner and sell RH.
Do not accept the offer for the RH until Real Estate Office completed because you want to use the Increase Selling Price power up on the Real Estate office to get the most money out of the sale.
Buy 5 more workers and 5000 Materials
Using Real Estate office Reduce price power up, buy the cheapest properties first and keep buying them throughout the game. You do this slowly as the game progresses, not all at once because you always need to keep $$ on hand to buy extra materials and workers.
Once you obtain them:
-Destroy all hotel properties that you purchase in the game that are NOT Royal Hotels to begin with and replace with Royal Hotels.
-Destroy middle row fountains and replace with Casinos.
-Destroy fountain in the bottom row and replace with a Royal Hotel.
-Destroy Roller Coaster and replace with Wedding Chapel and upgrade it
-Destroy statue and replace with Royal Hotel
When you can buy workers so your total worker count is 30 ASAP
EVERYTIME, you build or buy a Royal Hotel, upgrade it immediately to have extra guests AND 3 stars.
While RH's are building and upgrading, build/upgrade other RH's simultaneously
Once casinos and wedding chapel get about 350 guests each, destroy RE office and replace with Museum even if you did not finish RH upgrades or buy up everything.
Once museum built, use the extra guests feature.


Re:level 26

[Post New]by motoracer6 on Jan 13, 13 7:35 AM
Also, RH should not be confused with Resort Hotel. I do mean Royal Hotels here ( the biggest hotels you can get)

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