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faith 5.2.1

[Post New]by mazzary on Dec 13, 11 11:20 PM
Help with gold needed


Re:faith 5.2.1

[Post New]by lesleyvance501 on Jul 17, 12 1:42 AM
I think the trick to this level is not to spend too much energy to start with. I bought only one level of the powdered milk maker, the cheese maker and the omelet maker. There was already a meat cooker and a meat on a stack machine level one. I used the magic song ritual and cooked extra raw meat, meat on a sticks and omelets every time I got a few. You really only have to get 2000 because you start with 2000 and it costs a lot to upgrade the meat machines, so I didn't do that. I think that will help you win.

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