Helicopter puzzle lock pick

[Post New]by ria1665 on Dec 19, 11 9:50 AM
Is there a beter solution. The walkthru just says click three squares, that does not work.

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Re:Helicopter puzzle lock pick

[Post New]by burf90 on Dec 19, 11 8:29 PM
The goal is to turn ON all the lights. (The walkthrough says "off".) Once you start messing with the lights, the solution in the walkthrough won't work. It only works if you click only those three buttons from the very beginning of the puzzle and in that order.

I played in whatever the most advanced mode was, so I didn't have access to any reset buttons. If you have a reset button for your game, reset the puzzle and then use the walkthrough solution.

If you don't have a reset button, you'll just have to keep playing with it until you get all the lights turned on. Watch which lights change with each button you push and that will help you figure out which ones to push.

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Re:Helicopter puzzle lock pick

[Post New]by mizy on Mar 23, 12 1:46 PM
I can skip the puzzle. i'm playing in the "casual" mode play and there you can hover over the hint button and then a notification comes up "SKIP". However for those who are playing in the more difficult levels, is it not possible to change the difficulty level to "casual" so you can ultimately skip the puzzle. As a test I went back to the menu, clicked on "options" and there I could change volume...etc. but also the DIFFICULTY level. So Let us know if this works ..... grtz Mizy


Re:Helicopter puzzle lock pick

[Post New]by TRIPODCie on Apr 16, 13 10:07 AM
The "casual mode" in our version (standard) of the game doesn't provide the "SKIP" alternative reported earlier and the walktrough being so poorly made for this puzzle, you either end up playing endlessly or simply quit the game without finishing it ! At one point, we had shut off all the lights (like explained in the walktrough) and nothing was happening so we had the idea that something was terribly wrong with this walktrough ! We decided to come to this forum to investigate further and, once again, we were right (that's why we are "so good" at solving those games !)

We usually don't use walktroughs but when we need them, let's hope they are done right ! (Will this one be corrected, now ?)

Thank you for the tip, we will try to finish this otherwise good game !

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