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[Post New]by ScaniX on Dec 20, 11 5:50 AM
I have no problems with the topic at all, so I tried this one.
I found the voice acting really good.
The second (and last) good thing about the game is that they managed to work fine on a 16:9 environment (they are even rendering decorative bars on the sides to fill up the screen).
Other than that I was really wondering why they bother to bring out a game in such a low graphics resolution (I think it is 640x480) with nearly no good animations (objects do not move realistically, e.g. the pliers just floated by the bolt to remove it, persons do not move lips when talking).
All in all I had enough after just 4 minutes or so, couldn't take to look at something that ugly... ^-^

PS: The "ghosts" seem to have escaped from a comedy movie or something, they look rather stupid. Nothing to keep anyone frightened and without a creepy atmosphere, such a game does not work.

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