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Well, kids....

[Post New]by je_peche on Dec 20, 11 8:28 AM
I gotta admit...even though I think this is supposed to be a super easy game to play with the kids over the holidays, the very last bit with the amulets had me stumped...even the WT didn't help!! lol since the game was more or less over, I just quit!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Re:Well, kids....

[Post New]by tookat on Jul 10, 12 1:57 AM
I came accross your message when I was looking to see if amyone else had a problem with the amulets solution....especially after I looked at both the Hint in the game and the Walkthrough and both were very clear as to the order the amulets go in.
I decided there just HAD to be a soluttion since no one else seemed to have complained about the issue!

If you go back to play the Game with your kids or your inner child next X-Mas, and you get to the sequence for the amulets, look carefully at the columns.
They have a symbol at the top, which looks like the symbol that shows you which amulet to chose......and then, below that, there is a slot to place an amulet.

TaDa! If you put your cursor on the the circle on top, and CLICK.......It changes the image! So, you change the image at the top, to fit the order the amulets must go in.

Glad I could be of assistance.

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