royal envoy 2

[Post New]by walleyqueen on Dec 22, 11 1:28 PM
will there be a royal envoy2 plain edition....not collectors?

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[Post New]by zbox12 on Dec 22, 11 6:28 PM
I'm told the regular edition usually comes out about a month after the CE. This is the only CE that I buy and it is well worth it.


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[Post New]by johnsonfamnyc on Dec 22, 11 11:33 PM
What is the difference between "Collector's Edition" and the regular game?

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[Post New]by LoriW on Dec 23, 11 4:07 PM
It depends game to game.

The Royal Envoy ones have bonus levels. There are so many bonus levels it's like getting 2 games.

The amount of bonus content varies. Some are worth the extra money, some are not. You can also get things like screensavers, access to game artwork, soundtrack, etc.


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[Post New]by johnsonfamnyc on Dec 23, 11 7:35 PM
Thanks for the info.

As far as soundtrack info...I can just imagine listening to the background music while jogging. I can pretend I'm running to go upgrade a house. LOL!!!!


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[Post New]by SacredLites on Jan 10, 12 5:36 AM
You also get the built in strategy guide, which is a walkthrough for each level to help you get 3 stars all the way thru if you need it. It's located in the extras section. Love this game, no more little inspectors to run after the money!

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