level 60

[Post New]by panayiotis75 on Dec 22, 11 7:09 PM
i am stock on this level i try 100 times to kill the robots . please give me any advise help me please.

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level 60

[Post New]by MEnr56 on Apr 18, 12 2:50 PM
panayiotis75 wrote:i am stuck on this level i try 100 times to kill the robots . please give me any advise help me please.

After playing boss levels so many times, I've realized the "bosses" have SET activities and therefore, able to use such activities to my advantage AND you can't get rid of ANY of the bosses on ANY of those "boss" levels UNTIL you've actually CLEARED the board or have come extremely close to doing so.

The way that I found to even attempt to beat Level 60 was to START my ball traveling either to the extreme right (between the robots and the wall) of the robots (little round things that are planted on the board) OR between the middle and far right. Starting on the far left and wall or between the left and the middle did me in every time.

Once I was able to get power-ups, I tried to collect ALL of the safety nets which allowed the ball to hit them and only 1 at a time would disappear before I had to really concentrate back on making sure that I hit my ball back into the arena without losing it.

While I did try to make sure that I hit my ball as often as possible because I did not want my safety nets to be used up too early in the game play, I then tried to get as many missiles and BLASTs as possible. Every time I got a BLAST power-up, I would BLAST the robots STARTING with the middle ones and then going to my RIGHT and then my LEFT.

If I happened to be stuck on my right-hand side and one of the bosses starts firing, I STAID THERE and DID NOT MOVE and I wasn't hit and MY ball would bounce off of one of the safety nets (there's 3, maybe 4 of the safety nets). One of the things, I've not done is to enlarge the size of my spaceship and that could possibly be why the left-hand side boss' missiles were not able to reach my spaceship; close to getting me but "no cigar" boss

You'll ONLY be able to get rid of 1 of the bosses (left-hand side one) after you've deleted ALMOST all of the robots and then only be able to get rid of the last boss AFTER you've cleared the board of ALL the robots so it's IMPERATIVE that you collect those blasts and missiles and ONLY AIM THEM at the robots and clear the board as soon as it's feasibly possible.

I ended up with just me and the right-hand side boss left on the board and after bouncing around the board avoiding its missiles and occasionally smacking him around, all of a sudden 1 or 2 smacks (no power-ups left), he blew up.

BTW, yes, I did beat Level 60

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