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Stuck on putting up button on elevator lift panel

[Post New]by Boomers46 on Dec 23, 11 2:18 PM
Hint says use button on lift panel of elevator. Used to get close up panel. Used the buitton but says I got the right idea but doesn't work. Is there some other step I must do first? How do I get this button to work?


Re:Stuck on putting up button on elevator lift panel

[Post New]by dawn7086506 on Apr 19, 12 2:11 AM
go to another room with the car then u will figure it out im new doing this so if im doing something wrong please respond and tel me but i have a question,hw is everyone playing the games for hours if u only get the one hour or that u have to buy the game is that it please tel me im confused by the way im 45 yrs old wth 4 kids and 9 grand kids and i live in sallisaw oklahoma and im a stay at home mom wth a great husband that ive been married to for 21yrs of marrige but now all the kids are gone and doing there own lifes so this keeps me going and my great grand children my last gr son is great hes 4 months old a hes a great lil boy and smiles from ear to ear grandma sees him every day i have to see him cz of the smile anyways plz walk me though wth learning some of this stuff on here thank you
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