Help! Game won't progress...

[Post New]by sopdox on Dec 24, 11 10:15 PM
I've caught 4 ravens so far. The blue bird of paradise one, the partridge, the one from the cook's store room and the Irene Adler bird. I cannot get the 5th bird to show up and the Wakefield Tower won't activate. What have I missed? I just keep walking the grounds aimlessly.



Re:Help! Game won't progress...

[Post New]by LaryNx on Jan 21, 12 6:51 PM
The Wakefield tower location point is in the same place you went to get up to the Ramparts.
There are stairs on the left side when you enter the tower from the ground floor (from the outside, not from the ramparts) which lead down (stone steps, hard to see in the dark, yes).
You can also, from the Ramparts, keep heading downstairs, past the door to the outside (ground floor). You should be able to descend on stone steps. Keep descending and you'll come across a door that chirps.

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