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Are there any similiar games?

[Post New]by simlady40 on Jan 18, 09 2:17 AM

I am absolutely loving this game - do big fish do any similiar games? I know there is games similiar with hidden objects in the art but I love the comparing two pictures and looking for changes.



Re:Are there any similiar games?

[Post New]by WhozYourMamaNow on Jan 26, 09 5:07 PM
I'm sorry to say that I also found this one boring and I did actually buy another boner just like it so I know ya'll are going to love it. Val Gor is the name of the game and can be found right here. Big Fish also has 5 spot and quite a few others. If you are new go to just the Hidden Objects menu and pull up the list. You will find many, have fun, enjoy the hunt!

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